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Quest for Boston….Is on Hold

I’ve tried to ignore it. I’ve tried to explain it away. However, the pain in my right leg is no longer confined to my quad, and continues to get worse and worse. Because of this I’m shutting everything down until I can get in to see a Sports Medicine MD. Hoping this will be a short layoff, but preparing for something much worse. I’ll update when I know something. Everyone else keep running strong!

  1. lagirlontherun said: RICE! Hope you are on the mend and back to running soon. Wish you were in LA so you could see my Sports MD. He is the best!
  2. mar-kicksass said: Beast Mode: Paused. I am sure you will be back. I think it’s very smart to lay off and see a doc. You are so fit that even if you have to take some time off, I bet Boston will still be there for you when you stage a comeback! Chin up! :)
  3. westcoastrunner said: UGH — Keeping positive thoughts and prayers for you!!!
  4. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Ahh hope you have a speedy recovery from whatever it is!
  5. seechrisrun said: Man that sucks. It seems like you were training the right way. I hope it’s something minor. Do what you can to stay active while you wait for a diagnosis.
  6. rookcanrun said: So sorry to hear that, you’ve been killing it!
  7. gettingamyright said: Oh no! I hope it’s a quick fix!
  8. runrunningrunner said: Oh no. Wishing the best for you - very right to shut down the training for now.
  9. runlong said: Hope you’re able to get back to it soon!
  10. livelongtrainhard said: I hope it can be a short layoff, too. Good luck.
  11. lifewithkim said: Oh no!!! I will be praying for you.
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