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1500 Miles and Counting for 2012…

I just realized that with my 10.3-mile run this morning I have now completed over 1,500-miles for 2012…

On the same date last year, I had only completed 995-miles…

This is a difference of almost 514 total miles, and I’m creeping up on my overall totals for 2010 and 2011!

Beast Mode…ON!

  1. robbsadventure said: Awesome. I’m just about at 1000. You ARE in Beast Mode!
  2. lifewithkim said: Awesome!!!!
  3. betternikki said: Awesome!
  4. katebikerun said: Nice! Very organized stats!
  5. running-uphills said: Congratulations! What program are you using in the screen shots?
  6. thehealthytexan said: Where are your graphs from? So pretty! And great job on the miles!
  7. seeamandarun said: Wow! Nice!!
  8. seechrisrun said: That’s huge. I’m around 1200 for the year, and I run a ton of miles!
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